About Us

The Bullseye Event Group is a pioneer in the ticket and Sports travel industry. Our team began in 1988 and has helped the Sports Ticket and Travel industry evolve into the $25 billion industry it is today. As our business has grown over the past 25+ years so have our relationships with NFL teams and credibility with our clients.

What we have learned in Major sporting events is there is a greater need for just a game ticket, so in 1997 we began selling sport packages inclusive of the best hotels, the best hospitality, the best entertainment.

Bullseye Event Group is proud to support Shaw Underwood and form Bullseye Bonefishing. While putting together sport packages is Bullseye Event Groups core business Bonefishing is Shaw Underwood’s passion and his knowledge and abilities to sight the bonefish is how and why Bullseye Bonefishing was formed. Couple Shaw Underwood’s fishing expertise and Bullseye Event Groups marketing savvy and knowledge of complete package offerings inclusive of World Class flats fishing, the best hotel options and hospitality you the client now have the opportunity to buy a complete package with what we agree to be the best Bonefishing in the world.

Shaw Underwood is Bullseye Bonefishing and your expert Bonefishing guide, the only Bonefishing guide in Spanish Wells, Bahamas and has the only flats boat in Spanish Wells.  The “Grey Ghost of the Flats” is a fish Shaw grew up seeing in the Bahamas for 45 years. Born and raised in Spanish Wells, chasing the “Grey Ghost” bonefish is his passion as well.

If you want to have the opportunity to catch a trophy size bonefish in waters where bonefish have rarely seen a fisherman or a fly, Bullseye Bonefishing can make that happen and your guide Shaw Underwood will access those waters in our new 18-foot Bossman flats boat.